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Have you defined yourself as non-photogenic?

      Nonsense!  A natural expression is one that is free of tensions in your face or body language. It starts with enjoying the moment and the experience on a personal level and feeling in the hands of someone trustworthy. It’s the secret to having fun and inviting natural expressions and exchanges between you and your portrait photographer. It’s also about being in a comfortable and relaxed setting that the professional photographer will prepare for your photo session.

Being in front of the camera has always been a really uncomfortable situation for you?         

     Well you’ve come to the right place because I absolutely understand that feeling and believe that a good portrait must be the witness to an authentic moment of pleasure. In fact, it must really reflect your personality through an exploration of your true self and taste. It’s actually a really fun way to discover how other people see us. It’s like a game of capturing the many facets of your personality… not a chore!

You’re extremely curious to see how a professional photographer see you or could transform you with lights and props?

     A transformation does not mean having to become someone you’re not, it’s simply a wonderful occasion to explore all your potential. It’s like playing the different roles that you fantasize or enjoy playing!

Feeling like the photographer has really capture your true essence and personality is your greatest wish?

     A truly professional photographer is a specialist at finding original but sincere ways of revealing who you are. The more relaxed you’ll feel with a photographer you trust, the more natural and authentic the expressions will be.

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